Understand basics about utility of BasketCoin tokens and possibilities along side.


Funds raised during the sale have been used to purchase seven cryptocurrencies in order to fulfill the Basket.

The Basket consists of BTC and ETH (each responsible for 25% of total Basket value) as well as SKEY, DOT, YF-DAI, USDC and BSKT (each responsible for 10% of total Basket value).

These cryptocurrencies are allocated to various platforms, providing revenue for the buy-back process. 90% of generated revenue is put towards the BasketCoin token burn process, while the remaining 10% is designated to project related expenses.

Bitcoin (BTC) - 25%
10,75 BTC
Ethereum (ETH) - 25%
300 ETH
Polkadot (DOT) - 10%
6 000 DOT
Smartkey (SKEY) - 10%
850 000 SKEY (YF-DAI) - 10%
USD Coin (USDC) - 10%
245 000 USDC
BasketCoin (BSKT) - 10%
423 736 BSKT


Governance features will allow our hodlers to give the project a direction and eventually decide about final share of cryptocurrencies in The Basket.

Rewards & Shares

After reaching 10% max. supply due to deflation, the community can choose to sell some crypto and share funds with all hodlers, or simply keep assets intact and receive rewards from previous allocations. Shares or rewards, or maybe both?

Modify the Basket

Cryptocurrencies included in the Basket can be adjusted. Do you have an idea for exchanging the crypto in the basket for others? Say no more! Just share your concept with rest of the community directly on the custom-designed voting platform.


The main function of the governance token is to delegate the decision making process concerning some of the most important features of the BSKT project directly to the community. This will lead to greater decentralization.

Endless possibilities of governance tokens will emerge


The final supply of BSKT will reach only 2,100,000 BSKT.

In order to achieve deflation, the initial supply of BSKT tokens has been set at 21 million (21,000,000) and the final supply will be 10% of that value, or 2.1 million (2,100,000).

In the case of deflationary cryptocurrencies, the purpose is to gradually reduce the existing number of available tokens by eliminating them from the market in a process that is generally called burning.

The token elimination process can be achieved through the following actions:

  1. Burning a certain percentage of available tokens,
    each transaction made using BSKT is subject to a fee of 2% of its value (1% is burned out, the next one goes to the staking platform).
  2. Buy-backs of tokens and then burning them,
    the company will allocate a large part of the profits from staking cryptocurrencies covering the value of the BSKT token for repurchase and burning.
  3. Removal of tokens from circulation through staking,
    attractive staking rewards for Investors who have placed at least 5,000 BSKT on a designated special staking platform.


A unique token with many innovative features.

The Basket

Funds raised during sales were used to buy 7 various cryptocurrencies as collateral of The Basket.

Become BSKT hodler and you will be eligible to receive benefits as time progresses.

Buy-backs and burning

The passive profits obtained from the staking of the Basket assets will be used to buy and burn.

Find out how we’re making every effort to accelerate the BSKT deflation process.

Governance tokens

Governance tokens will be introduced and developed providing project decentralisation.

Make decisions together with the community, guided by the good of the project!

Staking platform

Connect your private wallet and lock at least 5 000 BSKT tokens on the designated staking platform.

Watch as your decision to support the network generates passive income.

Deflationary token

Transactions are subject to a fee of 2% of their value. Half of it is burned and the other half is redistributed.

Inspect how the amount of circulating tokens is continuously and progressively reduced.


In the sales pool, more than 70% of all BSKT tokens, and another 10% will provide liquidity on the DEX.

Transparent, reliable and well-developed tokenomics is the basis of success.

Unique NFT tokens

Non-convertible NFT tokens under the flag of BSKT are a limited and exclusive treat for Investors.

Acquire a unique NFT token and stand out from the crowd supporting the project.

Additional DEX liquidity

Daily dose of 10 000 BSKT for the first 100 days to be shared between Investors providing DEX liquidity.

Receive extra BSKT tokens for supporting liquidity through designed platform.


Receive rewards for supporting the network by placing BSKT on the platform or providing additional liquidity on DEX.

Staking Platform 2.0 is live!

Place at least 5,000 BSKT tokens on the Staking Platform 2.0 and participate in the BasketCoin redistribution!

BasketCoin offers an innovative and unique reward generating system. Each transaction made is subject to a fee of 2% of the transaction value. Half of this fee is burned, the other half goes to investors staking BSKT.

A specially designed platform will allow you to manage BSKT tokens:

  • Connect your private wallet (MetaMask) to the platform
  • Allocate of at least 5,000 BSKT
  • Check the amount of accumulated BSKT tokens in real time
  • Enjoy the daily redistribution of tokens
  • Discover other features of the platform
Supporting the network by providing additional liquidity on the Uniswap exchange.

Place any amount of BSKT and the amount of ETH corresponding to the value of BSKT tokens, thus becoming a liquidity provider on the Uniswap exchange. For the first 100 days after launch of the Liquidity Platform, an additional pool of 10,000 BSKT per day for all Investors providing liquidity – a total of 1 million BSKT to be received!

  • Connect your private wallet (MetaMask) to the Uniswap exchange and provide additional dual liquidity
  • Participate in the prize pool which is 0.3% of the value of all BSKT-based transactions in the exchange, according to Uniswap rules
  • Receive additional tokens for the first 100 days after launch the Liquidity Platform
  • Note the possibility of an impermanent loss:



Start of the project


Strategy and implementation tests

2020, Q4

Detailed product concept

2020, Q4

December - Team organization

2021, Q1

January - Financing assessment, funding phase

2021, Q1

January - Launch of implementation "Staking Platform"

2021, Q1

January - Launch of the "Staking Platform" implementation tests

2021, Q1

February - Completion of the "Staking Platform" testing phase

2021, Q1

February - Starting test phase of "Rewards Pool Wallet" process

2021, Q1

February - Completion test phase of "Rewards Pool Wallet" process

2021, Q1

February - Launch of the "Liquidity Platform" implementation tests

2021, Q1

February - Smart Contract v2.1

2021, Q1

February - Website v2

2021, Q1

February - Marketing activities

2021, Q1

February - Smart Contract v2.1 audit

2021, Q1

February/March - Completion of the "Liquidity Platform" testing phase

2021, Q1

February/March - Lock of team’s tokens

2021, Q1

February/March - Initiating AMA series

2021, Q1

February/March - Presale

2021, Q1

March - Public sale lasting 14 days

2021, Q2

April - Listing on DEX: UNISWAP liquidity pool

2021, Q2

Application to Coingecko and CoinMarketCap

2021, Q2

Launching "Staking Platform 2.0"

2021, Q2

Launching "Liquidity Platform"

2021, Q2

NFT system development

2021, Q2

Development of governance tokens utility

2021, Q2

Application to CEX exchange

2021, Q3

Telegram AMA - community meeting with the team 22-23.09

2021, Q3

Quarterly Buy-Back and Burn

2021, Q3

Implementation of NFT tokens

2021, Q3/Q4

Governance tokens implementation

2021, Q4

Governance and voting platform

2021, Q4

Quarterly Buy-Back and Burn

2021, Q4

RoadMap 2022


The BSKT team consists of blockchain fanatics and investors who share a common passion and vision to create an innovative project.

Marcin Klarycki

The founder of the project, his many years of experience and passion for blockchain technology resulted in the creation of the BSKT token.

Michał Czekała

A web and mobile application developer with over 10 years of experience and implementation of projects for international companies.

Tomasz Mirosławski
UI/UX Designer

Graphic designer, technician and freelancer with over 20 years of experience, owner of a engraver studio and crypto cantor.


Hubert Dolata

The owner of a marketing agency, co-creator of over a dozen successful cryptocurrency projects, for example Trust Swap, Team Finance, Uniqly.




Frequently Asked Questions FAQ

Below is a collection of answers to the most frequently asked questions.

No, the maximum amount of BSKT in circulation will never be increased and new BSKT tokens will not appear on the market.

The initial supply is 21 million (21,000,000) BSKT. The final supply will be 2.1 million (2,100,000) BSKT tokens.

The supply of BSKT tokens will decrease through their burning achieved due to the progressive deflation and the system of repurchase and burning of tokens by the company.

Each transaction involving BSKT tokens is subject to a fee of 2% of the total transaction value (50% of this fee is burned out, another 50% is redistributed through the BSKT staking platform).

Yes, BasketCoin token is now available to trade on Uniswap, you can find token via the contract address - 0xc03841b5135600312707d39eb2af0d2ad5d51a91 You can also use the direct link to ETH/BSKT pair:

In order to make a transaction on Uniswap you must have a private wallet that supports ERC20 protocol, e.g. MetaMask.

We recommend setting the "slippage" tolerance on at least 2-5%, and in conditions of higher network load, even up to 8%.

Payment must be made by using the Ethereum cryptocurrency - ETH

The minimum number of tokens necessary to stake on the platform is 5,000 BSKT. The upper limit is not specified.

New, upgraded platform will be released on 1st of May 2021, from that exact moment you will be able to stake your BSKT tokens. Remember, that you have to use MetaMask to connect to new platform.

Yes, over the next 12 months, starting in May 2021, 50,000 BSKT will be added to the redistribution pool. The pool of additional prizes is as much as 600,000 BSKT.

With the launch of Staking Platform 2.0 all tokens that have been collected in the form of a 1% fee on the total value of all transactions based on BSKT in the previous month will go to the redistribution pool. Then, this pool will be distributed throughout the following month to all stakers on the platform - proportionally. This process will be repeated monthly.

This is NOT the BasketCoin team. There are many scammers on Telegram and other platforms who impersonate team members. No one on the team will ever ask you for money or private keys. We recommend being extremely careful!

Redirect icons are in the footer of the page, our official social channels are on Telegram, Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, Medium, LinkedIn and YouTube. We encourage you to follow us on all communication channels.

At the moment, the fastest way to communicate is to join our Telegram group and ask a question in the chat. We will answer all your questions immediately.

We encourage you to check out our WhitePaper - you will find fully detailed information there about BasketCoin; you can always ask a question directly in our social groups.

We have successfully lock
2 100 000 BSKT up for 21 months,
according to WhitePaper.

BasketCoin Token smart contract audit


Staking Platform smart contract audit


Medium of BSKT project
is a place where you can find
numerous useful information.


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